BBC Asian Network

The Challenge

The BBC’s radio station Asian Network, was failing to recruit the next generation of listeners. Nearly one in ten 18-34 year olds describe themselves as British Asian. But they were not connecting with the Asian Network’s sound, editorial or image, and listener numbers were in decline. 

The Idea

We needed to define a new identity for Asian Network that represented the collective identity of the generation it wanted to attract.

Young British Asian’s identity crisis came from the pressure to decide. Were they British or Asian? The realisation hit us. They should not have to. Their playlists weren’t divided into ‘Asian’ and ‘British’: and neither were their lives. The answer was to create a cultural space that connected with both sides of their identity.

100% British. 100% Asian. 

We developed a new brand positioning and brand identity for Asian Network, and collaborated with Raxstar to create a film that articulates what it is to be British Asian.

The Results

This idea transformed the service remit of the station, influenced editorial, tone, visual identity and even the way in which language was spoken.

The re-positioning of Asian Network has successfully kick started its next chapter, attracting record numbers of listeners and a 9% audience increase attributed to the campaign. The work has increased engagement with people listening 10% longer, and most importantly it has re-connected Asian Network with its core 18-34 British Asian audience.