Tastes Good, Does Good

The Challenge

Launched in 1999, innocent quickly became the poster child of its era, famous for its grass-covered vans, festivals and bananaphone. But as its initial audience grew up and had kids, innocent became a mum’s brand. We needed to win the hearts of a new generation.

The Idea

Everyone knows about innocent’s tasty smoothies, little bottles and woolly hats. But not everyone knows that they have something even better: values. innocent back up their values by making healthy drinks, but also by sourcing ethically and giving 10% of their profits to charity. These are values that could make the brand appealing to a millennial audience attracted to brands with purpose, not just profit.

So we repositioned innocent as the brand that not only tastes good, but does good too – to you, your body, and the world beyond.

The Results

The new brand promise has taken pride of place on bottles, has informed all communications and has returned innocent to growth after a long-term dip in sales – despite a declining market. Previously falling brand measures including trust, value and quality moved back up the chart. And we’ve built affinity with a new audience, while deepening the love of existing innocent drinkers.

“I’m as proud as can be of the work we’ve done with 101. We’re telling the best stories about our business, and about the positive impact it can have on people who really need support and help. It’s been truly collaborative.”

Dan Germain, Group Head of Brand and Creative