Scandinavian for Value

The Challenge

Sainsbury’s was bringing Netto back to the fast-growing UK discount grocery market, and engaged us as lead creative and strategic partner to help it carve out its own niche in a sector dominated by the German giants, Aldi and Lidl.

The Idea

The insight that underpinned our work was born out of the approach of Netto’s competitors – while Aldi and Lidl certainly delivered on price, their environments were cold, austere and not particularly welcoming. Their Germanic heritage shone through.

Netto, on the other hand, originated in Scandinavia – an area which has inspired an entirely different kind of retail for the likes of IKEA and H&M. And so we used this as our inspiration.

This led to our organising idea – ‘Scandinavian for value’. It stands for giving people more than just products which cost less. It is about leaving people with a smile at every stage – from the advertising, to the people who work in the stores, to the products sold.

The Results

Our ideas have influenced every aspect of the business including range, in-store design, brand strategy, brand ID, and company behaviours – not to mention advertising and communications.

15 stores have opened to date across the north of England. All stores have exceeded sales expectation with more openings planned for the year ahead.

Morten Moberg Nielsen, head of Netto UK, quoted our work when he announced the brand’s mission to the City at launch: “We think everyone should be able to buy nice things, in a nice shop, at a nice price.”