Change Your Life In An Hour

The Challenge

2015 was a year unlike any other when it came to pensions. The most significant upheaval of regulation in a generation would lead to an unprecedented level of media coverage, all predicting that the public would prioritise short-term impulses over long-term prosperity. At the other end of the age spectrum, millions would be at risk of a false security blanket by being automatically enrolled into a pension scheme at a savings rate far below what would reasonably be required to live on in later life.

The Idea

We knew that people needed help to make positive choices about their futures. But that they would find neither motivation nor straight-forward answers to do so.

So we dug into the way people are motivated to act and uncovered two concepts: chunking and present, time-based action.

Sometimes big things have small beginnings. And because even a small amount of time can have a big impact on your future, we would encourage the public to ‘change your life in an hour’.

The heart of the campaign was the “Change Your Life in an Hour” digital platform, taking customers through content that both engaged and educated them on the importance of making a plan for retirement.

We utilised media that would create broad awareness of the platform, to build impact – press, outdoor and online film that would establish the thought that ‘big things have small beginnings’.

The Results

The campaign smashed both of its measures of success for customer benefit, with 251,768 visitors (+68% vs. target) and unprecedented intent to act (58%, +10ppts vs. target).

“101 have been a breath of fresh air this year – their strategic leadership, can do attitude and sense of ‘anything’s possible’ has been exceptional.”

Claire Stracey, Head of Marketing Communications

Scottish Widows, Lloyds Banking Group