Five Stages of Tang

The Challenge

In recent years, Tango had become known more for its history of classic advertising than for its actual drinks. Awareness, appeal and penetration were all declining and the famous endline was now only heard when people were talking about fake tans.

Tango was struggling to connect with a new generation of young drinkers. We needed to make Tango famous again – by making its point of difference (its lip-smacking orange tang) famous again. And we needed to do it in a way that would reach a notoriously tricky audience.

The Idea

We aimed to put the product back at the centre of the idea and went back to the brand’s purpose – delivering tang.

The campaign would champion the Five Stages of Tang, celebrating five sensations everyone should experience when taking a gulp of Tango Orange. But rather than just talk at our audience, we wanted to start a conversation – by calling the ‘instant critic generation’ to arms (and to social media).

We raised the ire of the Tango faithful by beginning the campaign with a deliberately awful advert in Britain’s Got Talent, designed to be everything the brand they loved was not. We then unleashed our own an armchair fan, Rodney, who reacted to our advertising in real time and interacted with the brand and other consumers across multiple social media platforms. Content included long-form ‘shopping channel’ videos and even a telephone hotline.

The Results

The campaign had an immediate impact. Tango volume grew by 6.5% in a category that declined 3.2% over the same period. As well as the impact on sales, tracking data showed a significant shift in attitudes towards the brand amongst our core target audience:

“Tastes better than other brands” +3%

“Offers something different to other brands” +6%

“Is a fun brand” +8%

“Would recommend to others” +8%