The Challenge

Vauxhall came to us to help solve a longstanding problem. Corsa was the nation’s second best-selling car, but maintained this status through an unrivalled sales operation, rather than ‘brand pull’. A car sold on price, not one sought out by choice.


The Idea

Leverage the brand’s unique position as a homegrown marque. With over a hundred years of British motoring history behind it, Vauxhall has a unique place in British life, and on Britain’s roads. So we showed the A-Z of British driving through the windscreen of the Corsa.

The Results

Our ‘A-Z of Corsa’ campaign – local in a category of global work – included TV, print and social executions, and led to a 50% increase in top box consideration along with record–breaking sales leads: a 234% rise on the previous year.